The work of Gyalpa, a registered association, focuses on educational measures, equality, cultural participation and labour market integration of women and young adults from and in the Near and Middle East.

A particular focus of our work is on precarious life situations that have arisen for people through flight and exile. As with our sister of the Gyalpa UG, at least 70% of our resources always go to women.

We were founded in 2013 under the name “Jasmin Baladi” and renamed ourselves in 2015.

Gyalpa Open Studio – Upcycling with Style

It started in 2017: There were two courses in applied arts that were offered: On the one hand in embroidery and on the other hand in design and creation of patchwork products. Here, the focus is also on the experience of how to turn handicrafts into an inheritance activity.

(Coach Rula Ali). Today not only one or the other opportunity has developed from this, but 70% of the women have continued and meet every Wednesday in the Gyalpa Open Studio to develop their skills further. This has given rise to creative upcycling ideas and is likely to lead to the next Gyalpa project: Design and Fair Fashion. We already had two intensive workshops.

Women Academy: Literature & Journalism Class 2018/2019

Womens Academy – Gyalpa and FLAX support women in precarious situations in art and culture

This is a course that gradually leads to a Western-dominated concept of literature, but leaves the space to experience for itself whether it is desirable or not.

In addition, it is about story telling and traditional journalism. 14 women studied the last 4 months from research to the art of short story to the novel. A Pox with Postcard Stories came into being and we talked a lot about the experiences in exile, but we always laughed at the end. In the next step, the participating women would like to found a magazine. Will you succeed?

Gender-homogeneous spaces convey security and familiarity, a particularly important part of our work.

FLAXzine: A newsletter emancipates itself

It began as a simple newsletter with a distribution list of 110 people, today with several thousand subscribers the FLAXzine (chic name for newsletter) has grown up. Different categories inform new artists arriving in Germany about calls, institutions, universities, events. There is also a commentary and a special about female artists. The editorial team also consists of 4 women, who take turns rolling with the editorial management.