Gyalpa stands for fair Economic Management

Gyalpa is a social trading company trading fashion, accessories and care products from the Middle East.

We import from #Lebanon, from #Syria, from #Jordan, from #Turkey, from #Egypt and from #Palestine.

We love textiles and are committed to fair fashion.

We offer 3 different product segments:  #fair #sustainable #creative

Social products:  Help and become active by consciously shopping..

  • Our social products are predominantly developed and manufactured by women in precarious situations, such as in the camps in Jordan and Lebanon or in low-income districts of the metropolises of Cairo and Istanbul.

Sustainable products: Respect and protect our planet, which we share with all people in the world.

  • Only natural or recycled materials are used for our sustainable products, especially those that have been used in the MENA region for centuries, such as Juniper, olive, argan, jasmine and cotton. 

Creative products: When traditional art meets modern design.

  • Our creative products are characterized by the exciting combination of traditional techniques and modern design of the MENA region.

In the world, about 70% of jobs are filled by men, in management positions the proportion is even higher.  We reverse the principle.  70% of our products are manufactured, designed, purchased and sold by women.

We give 70% of our proceeds to the producers.  The rest is used for packaging, transport, import duty, storage costs and rent.

We stand for fair and social Trade

Most of our employees in Germany are volunteers in the Gyalpa community.  We strive to ensure that they receive fair compensation in the future, especially if they are people who have recently immigrated to Germany.  However, we all prefer that the proceeds (70%) which flow to the women in the countries of origin remain at the current high level.  The salary level in Germany would significantly increase the retail prices of our products.  And we don’t want to expect our customers to do the same without being asked.  In our shop we label all our products twice, with (fair price) and without “Deutschlandpauschale” (fair price).  There you can decide for yourself which price you want to pay.

But we promise, as long as we don’t generate enough profit for it or don’t receive any support, we will continue to work without remuneration and thus show solidarity to the women in the Middle East.

This is the vicious circle of global trade and illustrates the economic straitjacket in which many of the producers home countries are located.  For the usual reaction of global corporations to keep prices low for Western consumers is the unworthy payment of producers at production sites.

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